How Experimentary Works

Science education through inquiry based learning.

So, how does it work?

Experiments can be chosen based on curriculum, area of science interest, or just the time and equipment available, but don’t worry, we’ll show you how it works.

Each one includes:

  • Engaging videos explaining what to do and the science behind it all.
  • A digital lab book for planning their experiment and entering results.
  • A way to save and share what they discover
Students learn while doing. They’re not just sitting passively in front of a screen. For teachers/parents it is a new way of introducing great STEM activities.
Experiments can all be done in groups or individually, in one big session or spread out over time.
There are quick experiments (1 hour work time) and more involved experiments (2 – 3 hours, though this may be scattered, if growing a plant for example)
With many different experiments and activities available (not to mention more being added) there’s over 60 hours of hands-on science to explore.
Experimentary how it works

Experimentary is for schools, parents and anyone keen on science.

Experiments are designed for Australian primary school to middle school aged students (that’s kids 5 to 14 yrs). Of course, students from any country or age can find our experiments engaging and useful.

Experiments are aligned with the Australian curriculum, and include Physical sciences, Earth and Space sciences, Biological sciences, Chemical sciences and Design & Technologies.

blue bubbling beaker
Prep - Year 2
blue bubbling beaker blue bubbling beaker
Year 3 - 4
blue bubbling beaker blue bubbling beaker blue bubbling beaker
Year 5 - 8

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