National Science Week 2024 – Register for The Big Bloody Slime Experiment

National Science Week 2024 – Register for The Big Bloody Slime Experiment

Science that’s online and hands-on

Helping teachers and parents engage students with hands-on science

What is Experimentary?

Experimentary is a new way to help connect kids with science.

Hosted by TV presenter and former CSIRO scientist, Dr Rob Bell, Experimentary is filled with engaging curriculum-based science experiments including lesson plans and reporting tools. It’s the perfect platform to help teachers and parents plan and illustrate science principles, oversee student-driven experiments and track comprehension.

Engaging Videos

Hands-on Experiments

Real World Links

Digital Lab-book 

Curriculum Alignment

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What others say…

Sue Monteath, coordinator Aspley Science Cluster for Primary school teachers

“Experimentary provides teachers with terrific videos exploring the step by step approach to an authentic investigation. Great for teachers to be shown how they may help students approach a topic and how variables could be manipulated. A real confidence builder underpinned by rigorous science.”

Deborah Henderson, Online Science Teacher, Brisbane School of Distance Education

“In a world where overseas content permeates our student’s lives, it’s great that the well known face of Dr Rob is there to guide our students and teachers through concepts and activities.”

Ryan Edney, Science Club and Year 4 teacher, St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

“The kids really love the hands-on, science based work.”

Ready to get experimenting?

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